Vaccines and Autism: Uncovering the Truth


Being a parent is a difficult job at the best of times. Every parent wants to give their child the best chance at living a long, happy and healthy life, but the correct choices toward this end are not always clear. Is my baby a perfect little miracle as they are, or do I need to amputate parts of their genitals? Should I colour code their clothing so strangers can make assumptions about their genitals and preferred societal roles?¬†And the big question parents must ask themselves: do I have my child vaccinated and risk having a child with autism, or do I contribute to the preventable return of diseases that would kill millions of babies? So many difficult choices facing parents! In this article I hope to uncover the truth behind vaccines, how they work and discuss their controversial connection with the dreaded autism spectrum. Continue reading “Vaccines and Autism: Uncovering the Truth”

Educational Conflict

People often accuse me of being argumentative on facebook. I’m not going to argue with that. I am. Arguments are the best way to provoke people into teaching you the most interesting and useful information. You want to get a free education on anything? Find somebody who knows more about it than you do and start making claims about it, you will get educated! The best part is that in an argument, the person is genuinely motivated to present a full explanation of why you are wrong and they are right. Sometimes they’ll give you reading assignments for further information, but if you don’t want to read it yourself you just say so and they’ll recap the important points for you. Good luck finding a university lecturer who’ll put that much effort into your education.

You want to the best way to get wine stains out of carpet? Go on a cleaning forum and say it is peanut butter. I guarantee you’ll not only learn why it isn’t peanut butter, you’ll learn the top five best methods for different kinds of wine as well. You’ll get a far more thorough response than if you were to just ask.